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The Cumberland Gap Inn is a family-owned, family-friendly hotel. We’re nestled at the foot of the Smoky Mountains, so there’s no limit of hiking trails, camping grounds, historical sites and museums, art galleries, and unique food spots. Ever been in three places at once? Hike the trail up to the Tri-State Peak, 0.9 miles away from your hotel door. Or try the pinnacle for a sky-high view of the historic Appalachian mountains (tip: you can see your room from the top of the mountain—we checked). Or simply stay in and watch the peaceful stream outside your back door.

Our friendly staff knows all the best places to eat and visit, so don’t hesitate to stop in for a chat—we’ve got your back.

Ask about our group and wedding party rates—we love to host your family and friends.

About the Cumberland Gap

The town of Cumberland Gap is famous in American colonial history as a vital passageway through the lower Appalachian mountains. The town was a natural opening in the rugged land, making it the perfect passage for Native Americans and for wild buffalo to wander towards superior grazing lands. Daniel Boone is one of the most illustrious names in Cumberland Gap history, having blazed the 200-mile trail we now know as the Wilderness Road. Many traveled this trail after Boone, including Abraham Lincoln’s grandparents and parents.

The Gap was not without its battles—history saw countless bloody skirmishes between the Natives and the settlers in the beginning years. Later, the North and South forces held the Gap during the Civil War.

Today, we know Cumberland Gap as a unique town in the midst of peaceful mountains and a rich history. These mountains are now shared by three states— Tennessee, Kentucky, and Virginia. If you were thinking this, you’re right: you can stand in all states at once at the Tri-State Peak. But one of our favorite attractions is the Pinnacle Overlook, with with a birds-eye view of the three states and plenty of room for a picnic under the mountain sun.

Management of the Cumberland Gap Inn welcomes all the people with the disabilities

That also includes, the people with blindness and hearing disabilities. We have staff to assist all disables to guide them to our hotel rooms including assist them with their luggage . However they do need to bring their personal guide or help who can assist them with other personal assistance when they are in their hotel rooms. We are not trained to assist them once they are in their rooms .

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